Leveraging Retail Skills Within an Increasingly Digital Domain

Countless students graduating from the National University of Singapore will have gained an impressive skill set which can be geared towards future business success. They are likely already well aware of the importance of digital technology if they hope to fully maximise this professional momentum. However, is it possible to marry traditional concepts with the ever-changing world of the Internet? What steps should be taken by students who are on the cusp of beginning their own virtual business venture? These are very important questions and knowing the correct answers could very well define a winning approach from a long-term perspective. Let us therefore briefly look at the answers to both subjects.Traditional Versus Modern: Are the Rules Still Applicable?Any Singaporean tech startup firm will first need to address the notion of supply and demand within the online business community. This is arguably the easiest to translate into the digital domain, as the inherent variables have not changed.

The only major differences are that supply may represent an intangible product (such as a mobile application) and demand will often relate to the whims of the associated customer base.The other major point to consider is the role of innovative product development in relation to digital businesses. Many firms tend to focus upon short-term "pitches" that are not particularly centred around a specific product. In other words, they represent little more than viral trends. While this might be great for generating short-term sales, such a perspective could fail in the event that an even trendier idea is presented to the public.Online ventures which tend to weather the storm will normally target a very specific demographic with a product or service that solves a discrete problem. This results in brand loyalty as well as the potential for a long-term investment opportunity.Starting Off on the Right Electronic "Foot"Transforming the ether of a business dream into a tangible reality can be challenging; even for the most experienced business professionals.

Many variables need to be taken into account and one of the most pivotal involves the deployment of a robust and scalable e-commerce platform. E-commerce solutions provide the digital "fuel" required to propel a budding business venture into the stratosphere of success. It is therefore critical to make the most informed decision as soon as possible.Singaporean freelancers will need to work with a solution that is advanced enough to handle challenging business tasks and still simple enough so that implementation is simple. Modern e-commerce packages should also offer a host of utilities and tools that can be selected based around the needs of the firm in question. Not only will these features help to eliminate costly errors down the road, but they can ensure that a website is up and running in no time at all.Singaporean students have a veritable wealth of online business opportunities at their fingertips if they choose wisely.

This is why making the appropriate decisions today will lead to positive results in the future.

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