Marketing strategies that succeed in the fashion sector

One of the factors that has pushed consumers to make increasingly frequent purchases over the Internet is that it is possible to save a good amount of money on each product. One of the sectors that is benefiting most from this trend is the fashion sector, as specialised portals have included a multitude of tools to facilitate the purchasing process, such as virtual fitting rooms and secure payment platforms. In addition, the prices they can offer are unrivalled compared to those of traditional stores, and one marketing strategy that is hitting hard recently is that of promotional codes. In fact, this is not new since it has been used for several decades in physical stores, although it is true that, with the arrival of the Internet and the increase in the consumer's mood to buy online, they have been reinvented and are more attractive than ever.

In order to take advantage of this growth in ecommerce, a multitude of websites are emerging that specialize in discount coupons. Some of them, such as GroupOn, Groupalia or Lets Bonus, have been well known for some years and offer promotions in many different areas. However, nowadays there are many others that are bursting in thanks, to a great extent, to the fact that they specialize in marketing discounts related to a certain area. Returning to the fashion sector to which we wish to dedicate this article, we find that new marketing strategies related to promotional codes are also being developed.

The wide range of products on offer in an increasingly competitive market has made websites like and excellent allies for both consumers and online retailers in the textile sector. In addition, the buyer can not only benefit from a better price when buying clothes but also receive a more personalized treatment and tailored to their needs and interests. In this sense, anyone can select their preferred online stores so that, when a specific promotion related to them arises, they receive a notification in their email or on their mobile phone. In short, a marketing strategy that has made the fashion sector take off definitively on the Internet and from which customers and sellers benefit.

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