The new works of the digital age

The changes in the world have been felt in many areas of our lives. They have changed our interaction, our way of communicating and our forms of leisure. In addition, more and more, the world of technology has been offering work alternatives that have pleased Brazilians. Come and get to know the work trends of the digital universe and how many people choose to work at home, with the new jobs of the digital era. Over the last decades, as you know, the world has been changing and new technologies have become an important part of our lives.

Appearing in a progressive but fast way, these technological tools have changed our lives on several levels.Mobile phones and notebooks have become almost part of our body and have made everything change. Our ways of interacting, communicating and having fun have changed. In addition, the change in human behavior itself and the sum of new possibilities has motivated changes in the economy, work and global policies. Faced with the strong economic difficulties that were felt in several countries, including Brazil, people began to turn to new technologies in search of alternatives that would allow them to obtain income. In this way, they tried to escape unemployment and lower salaries in order to achieve a dignified life.

In these meanderings, real jobs tended to emerge. Get to know the new jobs of the digital era.


e-commerce growth in Brazil leaves no room for doubt: this is one of Brazil's favorite jobs. In 2019, the number of online stores increased by 375%. This reality is related, in part, to the great ease in opening this type of digital commerce and the faith that entrepreneurs have in the digital world but, above all, it is also anchored in the emergence of allies that help to manage the whole process, such as ... Allowing ideas to become business, many sites helped to ensure that the development of e-commerce spaces happened, with all the support and lower costs.

2.Online content creat

ors Social networks - like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook - and also other platforms like Blogger or Youtube were the favorite spaces for content creators to launch their new forms of expressionOnline work also goes through the trend today of influencers, who use these networks to influence audiences, under the sponsorship and support of the most diverse brands.

This is one of the preferred jobs of young workers, allowing great creativity and good income, from home. In the world of the Internet, these experts in various fields - for example, artists, accountants or tutors -


able to recruit clients and ensure that they work in their areas of training, without the need for conventional work. This increasingly sought after work is appealing because it is you who makes your schedule and sets your prices.

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